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Classic Rock Stamps!

For all you Classic Rock lovers!

Classic Rock Stamping
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All Members , Moderated
A stamping community using Classic Rock bands.

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Ever wonder which classic band you're most like from the 1960s/1970s?

Well, you're at the right place!

Welcome to Classic Rock Stamping! The ORIGINAL and only Classic Rock Stamping community approved by Paulie!


Some quick rules...
1. Just have fun. Answer the questions honestly, but don't take yourself too seriously.
2. Please, after you’ve been stamped, continue to vote for other members! Furthermore, please vote for others even if you do not yet have your stamp. We really appreciate it!
3. Please bold your final vote.
4. If you are undecided, you can say more than one band.
5. Please use "I like that old time rock & roll!" as your subject line so I know you've read the rules. Otherwise, I'll remind you to read before voting for you.
6. As for when you recieve your final stamp, I'm just going to call it when it seems right. Since there are so many choices, you could have 20 people voting all different things, so I don't want to say "You'll have your stamp after 5 votes". I also don't want to set a time limit, because I don't think that's fair if you only have like ... 3 votes.
7. Please put your application behind a lj-cut. If you don't know what this is/are unsure of how to do it, please ask us before you post your application or refer to the FAQ.
8. Re-stamping is allowed twice. Please wait at least a week before re-applying, and be sure to include the band you were stamped as so we don't vote for them again!



All About You
Three positive adjectives to describe yourself:
Three negative adjectives to describe yourself:

Favorite Modern Band(s):
Any other favorites (books, movies, television, people, art(ists), poetry, etc):
Talents and/or Hobbies:

What song or quote can you best identify with?:
Do you care if you are voted as a band or solo artist?:
*These are not necessary, and a description is not necessary. After all, it’s about the music!


List of possible stamps
Located here.

Stamped Members
Located here.


CURRENT THEME: None. Check back soon for updates!


Previous Themes
Sometime - November 15th: Mirror (Stamped Members Here)

January 15th - March 15th: Matchmaker (Stamped Members Here)


If you'd like to affiliate, you can contact me at my personal journal xwaterloosunset


Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Please contact me at my personal journal, xwaterloosunset
If you're looking to advertise a community, please ask me first. I won't mind if you ask and it relates to classic rock. If you don't ask, i'll probably get mad a delete it. If you ask and it doesn't relate ... I still will say no. And if I give you permission to promote, please only do it once. Don't spam. Thanks.