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i like that old time rock n' roll~

Name: Kat
Age: eighteen
Location: Arizona Crackerbox Palace

All About You
Three positive adjectives to describe yourself: eccentric, cheeky, imaginative
Three negative adjectives to describe yourself: dependent, paranoid, lazy
Strengths: speaking/writing voice, passion for knowledge/learning, outspokenness
Weaknesses: lack of self-esteem and confidence, procrastination habits, occasional insensitivity, indecisiveness, emotionality

Favorite Modern Band(s): The Submarines, The Hives, Green Day, 90s!AFI, mayhaps Otep, and most of the entire Trigun soundtrack collection. (okay, not a band, but that stuff is good.)
Any other favorites (books, movies, television, people, art(ists), poetry, etc): [random mashup btw] "Hannibal Rising" and "A Clockwork Orange" (books and films), Monet, Shel Silverstein, Sherlock Holmes works, House MD, MythBusters, the Colbert Report, Trigun, Andy Warhol, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Beatles movies, action/adventure flicks, Monty Python...and i know this application never asks but to list my favoured classic rock groups (not to hint at who i want to be voted as, but to further showcase my tastes, as that is what the votes are somewhat based on, yes?): The Beatles, Queen, the Ramones, Jefferson Airplane, Badfinger, Mott the Hoople, the Moody Blues, the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Talents and/or Hobbies: writing (i know everyone says it but i'm infamously known within my family for being 'the writer'), debating/discussions,

What song or quote can you best identify with?: being a bit more complex than i'd be comfortable with (that is not self-flattery, i promise you) i can't really settle on one song. sadly, the ones i can settle on are mostly Beatles songs. :| bluntly: Your Mother Should Know, Fixing a Hole or Love You To. just...go with it.
Do you care if you are voted as a band or solo artist?: nope. C:
Pictures: ogad. you gais get to see pictures from my California birthday trip (lawl Disneyland) back in Feb. that my own friendslist has yet to see. (told you i was lazy.)

i have Pattie Boyd teeth, y/n? u_____u (i am legal, i swear.)

by the by i was voted as The Byrds last time.

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