January 1st, 2007

Gorgeous Jeff


Stamps will be created as people are voted as bands. Here is a list of possible bands/artists you could be voted as:

Note: Please don't vote for someone as a member of one of the bands listed below. For example, say Led Zeppelin, not Jimmy Page. I'm no longer making stamps for individuals like John Entwistle, Brian Jones, etc. It'll just be The Who and The Stones. It's easier.
The only exception is solo Beatles, since they were all very successful solo.
Also, Plastic Ono Band and Wings are now tied in with solo John and Paul.
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood now include all the bands they were both in (rather than having Cream, Derek & The Dominoes, Traffic, Spencer Davis Group and Blind Faith all seperately), since it was a lot, haha.
No more seperate CSN and CSNY. Now it's just CSNY, which I sorta hated to do since I don't like Neil Young, lmao.
So, the list has been condensed quite a bit.

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This is never going to be a final list, I'll add and remove artists if/when necessary.

If you would like to see any bands/artists included that aren't on the list, please leave a comment here and I will take them into consideration.

When suggesting a band/artist, please try to stick to the 1960's and 1970's. Possibly the 80's (even though i'm not a huge fan, ha) I mean, if you really want, someone like ... say The Cars ... I'll add them. It's just that i'm less likely to vote someone as them because I don't know much about them, and wouldn't know what to look for in an application.

I'm always open to any suggestions, questions, comments, or anything.